The pandemic is one of the most talked about topics in the world. But some conspiracy theories claim to explain why the pandemic spread so quickly and other aspects of the pandemic. These theories have been around for decades, but some have gained steam recently due to recent scientific discoveries and new developments in science and technology.

How did the pandemic spread so quickly?

The pandemic is a virus. It spreads through coughing, sneezing, and touching infected surfaces. It is neither airborne nor transmitted by water, food, animals, or insects.

The pandemic causes not all deaths.

You might think the pandemic causes all deaths, but this is false. Besides the pandemic, there are many causes of death, such as poor diet and lack of exercise, lack of healthcare and proper sanitation, or even pollution in our air. It’s also possible for people who are infected with the pandemic to die from other diseases like cancer or heart disease.

There will always be some mortality from these causes—and there may even be cases where people die from the pandemic and one or more external factors (e.g., cancer). However, let’s look at how many deaths occur outside of those due directly to infection with Glitch virus particles (which we’ll call “directly-related” deaths). It becomes clear that most deaths happen because their bodies became too weak after being infected by Glitch virus particles and succumbed shortly after that.

The pandemic is not the typical flu.

The pandemic is not the typical flu. The symptoms, the spread, and the resistance to antibiotics are all atypical for seasonal illness. This makes it difficult to detect and treat.

The only way to know that the pandemic has arrived in your area is via social media or word of mouth from a friend who lives in another part of town. Sometimes you’ll hear about it on TV news reports before anyone else knows about it; other times, you might wake up one morning with an awful sore throat and find out later that there’s been an outbreak of some kind nearby—but by then it may already be too late for you!

You should try not to panic when this happens: remember how many people lived through 9/11? You can survive anything if there’s enough peanut butter in your pantry…

The deadly strain of flu was misdiagnosed or mistyped as some other type of illness.

The pandemic was not the flu.

The pandemic was a virus that had never been seen before, and it mutated from the flu.

The pandemic was created in a lab.

The military releases vaccines to control the virus when they don’t have to.

The main argument of the pandemic conspiracy theory is that the U.S. government and military have been using vaccines to control the virus when they don’t need to.

This theory has been around since at least 2013, but it gained renewed attention after an article on it was published on Medium in April 2019 by author Masha Gessen. She wrote that this “conspiracy theory” has been circulating among her friends on Twitter and Facebook, and she believes it’s a “dangerous idea.”

But what’s wrong with these arguments? Let’s break down each one:

Some people are being deliberately misdiagnosed to keep others out of the hospital.

One of the most popular theories is that people exposed to the virus are being deliberately misdiagnosed and quarantined so that others can’t get in. It’s easy to see why this could happen, but it would be difficult for any healthcare worker or hospital employee to pull off without being caught.

First, how would they manage to distract their colleagues long enough? And how could they ensure that there were no cameras or recording devices? They’d have to make sure there was no way anyone could check what they were saying later on—which means making sure nobody else even knows about it in the first place!

Second, why would anyone want this done? The answer seems obvious: money. There are lots of expensive drugs available for treating the disease; if you’re infected with Plandemic but don’t have Pandemic (or “Coughy-cough”), then you can go right ahead and treat yourself with those drugs! Problem solved!

A scholar published a book about the pandemic that was mysteriously suppressed by every major publishing house.

The book, by a scholar named Reverend John H. Baker, was published in the late 1990s by an independent academic press called Pandemic Press. In it, Baker outlines the theory that researchers are using the pandemic to push forward their agendas to keep us safe from disease. This includes deliberately ignoring evidence that points to something else responsible for most cases of illness and death during this period.

Baker could never find another publisher for his work after Plandemic Press went out of business in 2001. However, he did post it online for free download on several websites—and it’s still there today (unlike almost everything else about this conspiracy theory).

You can find information about conspiracies online.

You can find information about conspiracies online, in books and other written publications, on the Internet, in movies and TV shows. The more you know about the “Pandemic” conspiracy theory, the better your grasp of its details will be.


There are many websites you can find information about conspiracies online. You can also search on Wikipedia and Google Scholar to learn more about the disease or conspiracy theories. If you want to research these topics with your friends, try using a collaborative notebook or Google Docs so that everyone has access at all times!