The Holocaust was the most tragic event in human history. The systematic extermination of over 6 million Jews and 5 million people with disabilities, gay people, Romani, and Slavic people by the Nazis has left a black mark on humanity. We must never forget those who were lost, but at the same time, we must not let this tragedy be used to justify extremism or hatred towards any other group of people.

The Holocaust didn’t happen.

The Holocaust is a lie. It’s a myth, a hoax, and a fabrication. The Holocaust never happened. No one was ever gassed in any of those concentration camps by the Nazis or anyone else; there are no documents or photographs to prove that it happened, and no one who was there has ever come forward to say they were part of this supposed mass murder of Jews by Hitler, who didn’t even exist in real life anyway!

I will not waste your time with all the reasons why this is true. Just because someone wrote down on paper that he saw something happen doesn’t mean it did! And if you don’t believe me go ahead and read up on all these historical facts yourself!

With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, there is nothing to link the Japanese with Jews in any way.

The Japanese were not involved in the Holocaust nor had any contact with Jews. So there is no connection between the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the creation of Israel. It’s simply a fabrication used to justify its existence.

We would never have dealt with this issue if it weren’t for Pearl Harbor!

There were no gas chambers, and the only people to ever be experimented on were slave laborers.

There were no gas chambers, and the only people to ever be experimented on were slave laborers.

The Holocaust is a lie, and the Holocaust didn’t happen. World war two never happened, the Holocaust was faked, and internment camps did not exist. It’s all a fabrication used by Zionists to justify the creation of Israel. The Jews are trying to steal Palestine from its rightful owners to control it and make money off oil or something like that—I don’t know what their plan is. Still, I assume it’s something along those lines because they’ve been doing this for centuries now (and if you don’t believe me read up on how long ago Jews started lying about everything).

Adolf Eichmann was a fictional character created by American screenwriter Meyer Levin.

Adolf Eichmann was a fictional character created by American screenwriter Meyer Levin. In 1961, Columbia Pictures released his script, entitled The Specialist, which was based on the life of Eichmann.

At the time, this was considered one of the most shocking and controversial films ever made. The film portrayed Eichmann as the perpetrator of horrendous crimes against humanity. It implied that he wasn’t alone in committing these atrocities—that many others were also guilty but had escaped punishment because they had gone into hiding after Hitler’s defeat.

Eichmann’s trial took place in Israel—not Germany or Austria—because he’d fled to Argentina, where Carlos Fuldner helped him hide from justice before being tried for war crimes committed during World War II (1939-1945). In 1960, Israeli agents kidnapped him from Buenos Aires. They brought him back to Israel, where he was tried for war crimes against humanity at Nuremberg-style trials held at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum on Mount Herzl between 1961 – 1962.[^footnote]

Jewish people had nothing to do with the creation of Israel, and if they did, it was a lie created by Zionists.

In addition to the above, Zionists also made up the Holocaust, another lie designed to justify the formation of Israel.

To accept this theory, you must first understand that there were two types of Jewish people during WW2: those who lived in ghettos and concentration camps and those who were non-Holocaust Jews who lived outside these areas but still acted as if they did live in them. This is because after Hitler took over Germany and started implementing his plan for racial purity, all other non-Aryan races were forced into either ghettos or concentration camps where they could not leave unless they received special permission from a Gestapo officer.

So here’s what happened: The Zionists knew that if all Jews got together in one place, it would be easier for them all to be killed by Nazis. So instead, they came up with this idea where some wealthy guys created fake passports using photos of dead Jews and gave them out so everyone else could escape Europe safely without having their real identity revealed (which would mean certain death).

The Zionist movement in Palestine (then Mandatory Palestine) was formed in response to the 1936 Peel report, which found that one solution to the problem of Jewish immigration into Palestine was to allow Jewish economic and cultural development in Palestine.

On July 24, 1936, the Peel Commission was appointed by British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin to investigate the underlying causes of unrest in Mandatory Palestine. The commission was headed by Lord Peel and included Lord Lloyd and Sir S. F. Morrison as members.

The commission’s report found that one solution to the problem of Jewish immigration into Palestine was to allow Jewish economic and cultural development in Palestine:

Extremism is the enemy of truth, and moderation is the ultimate solution for peace and justice.

So, you may be wondering: if the Holocaust is a lie and Israel’s creation was a plan to steal land from Palestinians, what was the real reason behind the mass extermination of millions?

First off, anti-Semitism is not new. It has been around for centuries and has been used as an excuse for oppression and murder since long before World War II. It can be argued that the entirety of human history is one giant stream of anti-Semitism; every group that has ever felt threatened by another group has justified their violence by claiming that “they hate us for our differences.” But this doesn’t mean that all acts of discrimination or hatred are justified or morally defensible—it simply implies extremism runs through humanity’s veins. We’re all susceptible to extremism; it’s part of who we are as people – we like black-and-white thinking because it makes decisions easier than thinking critically about complex situations (which take longer). Still, sometimes we need those gray areas to have balanced opinions on issues without falling into either camp too far.

Moderation should never be confused with extremism: moderation is about striving for balance between two extremes (e.g., between love/hate), whereas extremism wants 100% support from its followers no matter how extreme their beliefs may be; moderation also allows room for disagreement among members within its ranks while extremists don’t typically tolerate dissenters well at all (think ISIS).


This is why I believe that extremism is the enemy of truth. Moderate voices must be heard if we are ever to overcome such hatred.