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A summary of the claim

The HIV/AIDS epidemic was created and spread intentionally as a form of population control or biological warfare. The AIDS epidemic has been proven to be a manmade disease with no cure, despite what the mainstream media reports. This claim is backed up by the fact that the National Cancer Institute and many other power players in government and pharmaceutical companies manufactured it. The CDC admits that AIDS is a disease and an intentional government conspiracy carried out through biological warfare.

Main argument

As you may have guessed, the main argument is that HIV/AIDS was created by one of these groups. All four are capable of doing it, but which one?

The CIA could and would do something like this if they needed to. They are responsible for many other biological attacks on foreign countries. They were also highly interested in biological warfare research when HIV spread rapidly worldwide (the 1980s).

The US government was involved in all sorts of nefarious activities during this era, including experiments on its citizens without their consent or knowledge and other types of illegal human experimentation. On top of all that, there were strong connections between government officials and pharmaceutical companies with ties to Nazi Germany’s medical scientists—and we know how much those guys loved experimenting on people! So it’s possible that someone finally decided it was time for a new form of population control…

Alternate explanations

There are three explanations for the HIV/AIDS epidemic:

This is not true

It is not true that HIV was created in a laboratory. It was accidentally released into the human population by scientists working on an experimental vaccine for smallpox. The first cases of AIDS appeared in 1981 among homosexual men in New York City and San Francisco. AIDS has since spread to many countries and continents worldwide, but it is still primarily found in Sub-Saharan Africa, affecting 24 million people worldwide.


While we can’t be sure of the exact reason behind this epidemic, it is clear that the government and pharmaceutical companies knew they were creating a disease that was killing people and profiting from it. The fact that this information isn’t being taught in schools or covered by news organizations should be alarming to anyone who cares about truth and justice.