The Freemasons are an ancient society but also a secret society. If you were to bring up the Freemasons at a cocktail party or family gathering, you’d be met with blank stares and confused questions: “What are they?” “Are they for real?” The Freemasons have existed for centuries—but because of their secretive nature and general lack of public knowledge about their organization, most people have never even heard of them. In this article, we will explore what the Freemasons are, where they came from, what their rituals entail, and why many people believe that joining this fraternal group will improve their lives (while others think it could do more harm than good).

A long history.

The Freemasons have a long history, dating back to medieval times. Freemasonry was founded in England in the 17th century when King James II of England tried to impose Catholicism on his subjects and created an atmosphere where men needed secret societies to meet and talk freely. The original purpose of the freemasons was to promote social mobility for all classes through hard work, honesty, and loyalty.

The masons themselves were secretive about their rituals for many years. Still, they gradually began admitting non-masons into their ranks and opening up some rituals so anyone could see them (though they remained secretive).

A spiritual beginning.

Masons believe that there is a Supreme Being. According to Masonic teachings, the Supreme Being is neither male nor female but transcends all gender definitions. They exist beyond time and space and cannot be accurately defined by human language. This Supreme Being has always existed and will never cease, making it impossible for Masons to worship a god created by humans or any other creature.

The Great Architect of the Universe

Mysterious practices.

The Freemasons are a secretive fraternal organization that has been since its inception. They do not talk about their practices publicly; even when asked directly, masons refuse to speak about them. As such, there is much speculation as to what goes on in the rituals of this mysterious society.

Some people believe that the Freemasons practice demonic rituals or other supernatural activities such as necromancy—the act of communing with the spirits of dead people through magic—in their ceremonies. Others believe they perform Satanic rites and worship Lucifer. Still, these claims are unsubstantiated because no one has ever seen evidence of these actions being performed (or even heard about them happening) at any Masonic gathering or ceremony.

The lodge.

The lodge is the basic unit of Freemasonry. To be a lodge member, you must become a mason first. Lodges are based on geographic location and are led by a master mason—the highest elected officer in the lodge who serves as its leader. Other officers include the senior deacon and junior warden (appointed), treasurer, secretary, and steward (elected). The remaining members are called fellowcrafts or apprentices, depending on their rank. Each month they meet regularly to discuss Masonic issues and socialize with each other in what is known as St John’s Day dinner or Feast Day celebration.

Leadership roles.

The grand master is the head of the chapter. He has total control over his lodge and direct responsibility for its activities, which are overseen by a host of officers seconded from other lodges (and he appoints these officers). The grand secretary is responsible for maintaining records and correspondence of each lodge and district in his jurisdiction. The great treasurer also maintains financial records and makes sure monies are appropriately allocated.

The role of the grand chaplain is similar to that of a priest or rabbi; he leads prayers during meetings, recites ceremonial words when people enter or exit the room, and so forth. His duties are limited to rituals within Masonic buildings because there’s no requirement that members believe in any particular religion—the point is that they recognize God as a vital force in their lives.

The senior warden (or “first”) oversees ceremonies at meetings; he’ll usually open every session with an invocation followed by three knocks on an ornate wooden door called “The Cube.” According to legend, this tradition goes back centuries; one day, King Solomon heard someone knocking at his door but was too busy working on building projects, so he told them not to come back until tomorrow!”

An eye toward the future (and the past).

The Freemasons are a secret society with a long history of secrecy and controversy. They have influenced American politics, especially at the state level and below.

There is much to uncover about the Freemasons and their rituals, history, and beliefs.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was a Freemason for about a month. You cannot try out for it and then decide you don’t like it.

This is because Freemasons are very secretive and mysterious people who don’t want their true identities revealed to the world at large; hence, they all wear masks when they meet up in secret rooms at night to perform strange rituals that no one has ever seen before. This means there needs to be more information available, which becomes an issue when writing this article!


I hope this article piqued your interest in learning more about the Freemasons. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend starting with some of their most important documents, like The Masonic Bible and The Book of Constitutions. Both can be found online at the website of the Grand Lodge of California (