This 16-part blog series will delve into the history, mission, and mysteries of Nellis Air Force Base. We will investigate this enigmatic military outpost from its opening in 1941. We’ll look at the base’s numerous military functions and the various conspiracy theories surrounding it. We will also investigate the multiple reports of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters in the area. Join us as we explore Area 51’s mysteries and find the truth about this enigmatic military outpost.


Nellis Air Force Base is the most extensive air force base in the United States, and it’s located just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s home to many different fighter squadrons, and it even has its flight simulator. Nellis is known for having some of the best pilots in the world and a lot of secrecy surrounding it.

Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base is located in Nevada, USA. It’s the home of the USAF Warfare Center, and it’s located in the Las Vegas Valley. Nellis also houses an airfield serving as a U.S. forces training facility.

There are four main functions of Nellis:


Nellis Air Force Base is located in the desert south of Las Vegas, Nevada. The base is conveniently located within walking distance of the Nellis A.F.B Museum and an array of restaurants, casinos, and shopping for your enjoyment.

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Nellis Air Force Base was established in 1941 and named after Army pilot Capt. Charles B. Nellis. It’s located southwest of Nevada, south of Las Vegas, and about 80 miles north of Creech Air Force Base.

Las Vegas has a population of over 600,000 people, making it one of the largest cities in Nevada and one of America’s fastest-growing cities today.

The USAF Warfare Center at Nellis AFB is home to many different training programs, including:


Nellis Air Force Base is a training facility and testing ground for the United States Air Force. It hosts many training schools, including the U.S. Air Force Weapons School and the USAF Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team. Nellis AFB also hosts the Red Flag Exercise—a massive air combat training exercise that aims to replicate real-world scenarios as realistically as possible. The base is also home to two squadrons of F-35s: the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron and 433rd Fighter Squadron (Fighter Test). These aircraft are used for testing new technological developments in aviation and piloting skills and tactics across all branches of service members who attend Nellis AFB’s courses on tactical flying or uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Area 51 and UFOs

Area 51 is a highly-classified U.S. Air Force base located in southern Nevada, about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The site was established in 1955, and it’s been used as a testing ground for experimental aircraft since then. The base is often associated with UFOs because many believe that alien planes have been tested or even stored there; however, these beliefs are unfounded. Area 51 has never been home to any aliens or UFO debris…at least not that we know of!

In addition to being an air force base, Area 51 has also served as a training facility for pilots and crews who work on aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane (a plane capable of flying at three times the speed of sound). In its early days, when the base began operations back in 1955 under its original name “Paradise Ranch,” it was primarily used as an airstrip where planes could land safely during flight tests without having any contact with ordinary civilians living nearby at Nellis Air Force Base – which didn’t exist yet!

There is a lot more to Nellis than Area 51.

Nellis Air Force Base is a large United States Air Force base in southern Nevada. Nellis is home to the world’s largest indoor mock city and the USAF Warfare Center site, which oversees all aspects of combat air operations.

In addition to its role as an air combat training base and test range, Nellis AFB has hosted numerous military exercises over the years involving other nations. The last major exercise was called Red Flag 18-1 and took place in mid-January 2019; it included more than 200 aircraft from 19 different countries training in real-world scenarios such as counter-air missions (i.e., shooting down enemy bombers).


We hope this article has given you a better insight into the Nellis Air Force Base and what it is all about. It is worth visiting if you are in Las Vegas and want to see some of America’s most impressive planes up close.