This 16-part blog series will delve into the history, mission, and mysteries of Nellis Air Force Base. We will investigate this enigmatic military outpost from its opening in 1941. We’ll look at the base’s numerous military functions and the various conspiracy theories surrounding it. We will also investigate the multiple reports of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters in the area. Join us as we explore Area 51’s mysteries and find the truth about this enigmatic military outpost.

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) Sightings at Nellis Air Force Base


UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are objects we can’t identify. The term UFO was first coined in 1947 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to explain sightings of strange phenomena in the skies over America. Since then, UFOs have become a staple of pop culture and conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life. This post will explore some of these stories and explain why they’re not alien spacecraft.

November 7, 1952

“A ‘flash’ was observed in the sky over Las Vegas, Nevada, at 8:30 pm, November 7, 1952. The object was seen by numerous observers who reported its movements as being slow and erratic.”

“The following day – November 8, 1952 – unidentified flying objects were observed in the skies over Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) and Area 51/Groom Lake.”

“Reports of UFOs have appeared regularly at all three locations.”

December 7, 1953

On December 7, 1953, a UFO was sighted over the base by many different people. The UFO was described as a silver flying saucer and measured approximately 20 feet in diameter. Two other groups saw it of people: firstly by an airman who spotted it as he was on his way home from work, secondly by a group of officers who were inspecting the perimeter fence at Area 51 when they noticed something strange in the sky above them – this occurred around 12:30 am (1).

April 5, 1955

On April 5, 1955, at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, a UFO was sighted by multiple witnesses. The UFO reportedly approached the base and landed near the golf course. As it hovered above them, a bright light came from its center and abducted all witnesses. The next day they were released without recollecting what had happened.

Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force installation located approximately 10 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, in Clark County; it is commonly referred to as Nellis or Gunnery Range within the region. It has been home to many aircraft, including B-29s during World War II until they moved elsewhere once air combat missions ended in 1944; F-86 Sabres and F-100 Super Sabres from 1952 until 1957 when these aircraft were replaced by newer ones like F-4 Phantom IIs, which stayed on until 1982 when they were eventually replaced by A-10 Thunderbolts (Armored Thunderbolt) manufactured by Fairchild Republic Co., now part of Boeing Defense Group Incorporated). These planes flew above Las Vegas every day for years before residents became aware that something more unusual was occurring above their heads than just routine training exercises! This article will discuss eyewitness accounts about what happened on April 5, 1955, at Nellis Air Force Base, where strange lights descended upon unsuspecting men who were standing guard duty at night time only hours prior.

January 25, 1962

On January 25, 1962, at 8:00 pm, a couple saw a glowing object flying low over the desert near Nellis Air Force Base. The thing had two flashlights and moved very slowly toward them. They also saw two smaller objects following closely behind that seemed to be pointing at the ground as they flew.

The witness described the object as shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of another and four legs underneath it. He said its lights were flashing red and white and that he could see an antenna sticking out from it but no windows or doors on either side.

July 15, 1965

On July 15, 1965, an unidentified flying object was sighted over Nellis Air Force Base. The thing was described as being dark grey and shaped like an egg. It had red and white lights around it that were flashing on and off. The UFO had two beings inside of it wearing yellow suits with helmets covering their entire heads. They looked like astronauts, except their ears were strangely shaped and pointed at the top.

The beings left the UFO when it landed on top of one of the aircraft hangars at Nellis Air Force Base; however, before they left, they waved goodbye to some people watching them from below!

March 2, 1967

In 1967, a UFO sighting was reported at Nellis Air Force Base at the height of the Cold War. At 1:30 pm, March 2, 1967, and in clear conditions with no precipitation or clouds, an object was sighted by three witnesses who described it as “round and white.”

The object was flying east to west over a mountain range near Las Vegas and Henderson on its way toward Nellis Air Force Base. The witnesses could not figure out if it were a living creature or just some weather balloon because they were too far away from it.

One witness said that he had never seen anything like this before but that his grandfather had once encountered something similar while hunting deer outside their home in Mississippi (where there are many caves). Another witness said that he didn’t believe what he saw could be honestly because they had never seen anything like this before; however, his companions insisted otherwise, so they continued watching until it disappeared behind mountains approximately 15 minutes later.

February 18, 1972

On February 18, 1972, at approximately 9:00 pm, three people working at Nellis Air Force Base saw a blue-green light in the sky. The craft had an oval shape with windows that were described as “like a row of lights” and had “a dark center with multiple colors emanating from it.” The object appeared to be rotating clockwise when viewed from the ground. It disappeared behind some trees before returning for another pass over the base; after this second sighting, it vanished without a sound.

The next day, two men filed reports describing what they thought might have been a UFO sighting from their location near Las Vegas (about 25 miles southeast) on February 19 around 5:30 am, just before sunrise; however, there was no mention of this sighting occurred anywhere near Nellis AFB itself or how those involved would know whether or not it could be connected back down here on Earth (it doesn’t seem likely). At least one other person reportedly made an informal report about something similar happening on February 21 but didn’t give any specific details—just that “something” had been seen flying overhead that morning around 6:00 A M while they were driving along I-15 toward Henderson; these four sightings represent all known cases where individuals claimed to see something unusual happen during those two weeks leading up until March 3 when things end abruptly.”

November 8, 1973

On November 8, 1973, a UFO was reported at Nellis Air Force Base. Eyewitnesses from the base claimed to have seen “flying saucers” or UFOs making odd movements in the skies above them.

One witness said an alien spaceship had come down to Earth to abduct people and experiment on them. Another person saw three flying saucers hovering over him near his car and thought aliens would abduct him, so he hid under his car until they left. In total, 61 eyewitnesses saw something strange but could not agree whether it was an alien spacecraft or another aircraft.

April 23, 1976

On April 23, 1976, the day after the reported UFO sighting at Nellis Air Force Base, 32 people claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The next day another 16 people reported being abducted by aliens from their homes, along with three other abductees claiming to be abducted from their vehicles.

All of these individuals stated that they were taken aboard a spaceship for unknown reasons where aliens performed experiments on them before releasing them back into their vehicles or homes.

These individuals experienced similar symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and missing time during their abduction experiences. Most of this information was collected through hypnotic regression sessions conducted by Dr. Janet Mitchell, who has been working on UFO sightings cases since the 1960s when she began researching an abduction case involving two children who were reportedly taken aboard a UFO at night while playing outside together near one another’s home in New Mexico—which would later become known as The Travis Walton Abduction Case in 1975 when it became widely publicized because one of those children had just seen “Fire In The Sky,” a movie about Travis’ story which played in theaters across America starting February 14 that year right around his birthday on February 5 (and ended up getting 4 out of 4 stars!).

People have experienced/seen flying saucers or unidentified flying objects (UFOs) at Nellis Air Force Base.

People have experienced/seen flying saucers or unidentified flying objects (UFOs) at Nellis Air Force Base. Some people believe aliens abducted them, some believe the UFOs are secret military aircraft, and others believe the UFOs are alien spacecraft. The US government has been covering up the existence of UFOs for decades now, and there is no reason to think that they won’t continue to do so in the future.