This 16-part blog series will delve into the history, mission, and mysteries of Nellis Air Force Base. We will investigate this enigmatic military outpost from its opening in 1941. We’ll look at the base’s numerous military functions and the various conspiracy theories surrounding it. We will also investigate the multiple reports of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters in the area. Join us as we explore Area 51’s mysteries and find the truth about this enigmatic military outpost.


In his first public appearance, Robert Lazar claimed that he had worked on alien spacecraft at a top-secret facility in Nevada called S-4. His claims were met with skepticism and outright hostility. However, some elements of his story can be verified.

The Robert Lazar Story

Robert Lazar was born in Coral Springs, Florida, on October 9th, 1959. He attended the University of Maryland, majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics. While at the University of Maryland, he became interested in aeronautical and electrical engineering and took several courses related to that field. In 1982, Robert Lazar moved to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), operated for the United States Department of Energy (USDOE) by a consortium called Los Alamos National Security LLC or LANS, for short. At this site, Robert worked as an engineer on top-secret projects involving propulsion systems for vehicles that would travel faster than light or warp speed, as it is also known.

Lazar Comes Forward

Lazar came forward with his claims in 1989, which was all over the news. He claimed that he had worked at Area 51, where he saw several UFOs and even interacted with aliens. He said that he worked with reverse-engineered alien technology there, and also claimed to have collaborated with a scientist named Dr. Edward Teller (who is known as the “father of the hydrogen bomb”).

Shades of Life on Mars

Lazar’s narrative was that he worked at S-4, a facility near Area 51. Lazar claims that he was involved in reverse-engineering alien spacecraft there and saw craft powered by anti-matter. He also claims to have seen foreign bodies.

There are many inconsistencies with this story and evidence against it. For instance, Lazar claims that his job at S-4 was “reverse engineering” alien technology (a process by which he would have had access to their craft). However, the first time anyone ever heard of reverse engineering done on an outer space object was when President Eisenhower announced its existence in 1953[1]. This begs the question: how could Lazar be so far ahead of his time?

Additionally, there are numerous inconsistencies between his story about working for S4 and what others employed there say about their experience[2]. It also seems unlikely—if not impossible—for him to have been able to gain such extensive knowledge about aliens without having any pertinent background knowledge beforehand[3], especially considering that NASA didn’t even exist until 1958.[4]

Lazar’s Claims

Lazar claims he worked at a secret facility called S-4 near the Papoose Lake Test Range in Nevada. Lazar also claims to have seen alien spacecraft and bodies while working at S-4. At one point, he says he could get close enough to an alien craft to touch it and even look inside the cockpit of one of their spacecraft. The aliens were described as “little gray men” who could fly their ships but often preferred not to leave them when they landed on Earth (or nearby).

Lazar also claims that while working on a military project at the base called “Aurora,” he saw live aliens walking freely with military personnel! He says this happened shortly after he arrived at Area 51 in 1988; however, another source has disputed this claim by stating that Lazar’s alleged visits there did not occur until 1989/1990 (the exact date depends on whether you’re using New Mexico time or Pacific Coast time).

He says that these extraterrestrials are peaceful creatures who communicate telepathically and possess advanced technology far superior to our human technology here on Earth – including anti-gravity propulsion systems capable of interstellar travel through interstellar travel through wormholes or hyperspace without any need for fuel or oxygen tanks like those found on spaceships today! They also use gamma rays rather than lasers as weapons against enemy spaceships during battle situations.”

Elements of Lazar’s Story

Lazar’s story is a legend within UFO circles, partly because of the level of detail in his account. As Lazar told it, he was employed by a top-secret project at Area 51 called S-4. He claims he worked as part of an elite group whose job was to study nine extraterrestrial spacecraft that had recently crashed in New Mexico—somehow, all nine had come down near the same spot and been recovered by military personnel.

Lazar also described how he saw these aircraft up close: “They were not from this world,” he said during an interview with KLAS-TV reporter George Knapp in 1989. Lazar claimed that one craft flew him through space and time; this experience has led some UFO enthusiasts to speculate that aliens may have abducted Lazar.

There are areas of the Las Vegas valley that are off-limits for private citizens.

You might have noticed that areas of the Las Vegas valley are off-limits for private citizens.

These areas include Creech Air Force Base, which is located in Indian Springs, Nevada; Area 51 (officially known as “United States Air Force Flight Test Center”), which is located near Groom Lake; and Nellis Air Force Range, which extends from Las Vegas to Pahrump. The boundaries of these three restricted areas comprise approximately 100 square miles of land.

If Lazar’s claim is valid, he was a civilian employee at S-4 (which I will refer to as Area S4), an underground base near Papoose Lake about 25 miles south of Groom Lake.


If you are interested in reading about Lazar’s claims and allegations, I highly recommend the “UFO Sightings Desk Reference.” The author has compiled a thorough list of sightings worldwide over the last 100 years.